Picture of WICK - Mini Rechargeable Speaker

WICK - Mini Rechargeable Speaker


Compact & Portable | Maximum pleasure


The speaker is petite in size but massive in sound, hook it up to your mobile phone, music player or laptop, and impress your friends with this pocket size boom-box.

Pump out your tunes with crisp clear acoustics that will easily fill up a room and elevate the mood of everyone around you.
This mini speaker has delicate and special design, it’s well known not only for the excellent sound quality with Hi-Fi, but also light and portable size with great portability.
The special feature of this model is that it has a 3.5mm audio jack which can allow many of this item to join together to produce stronger sound quality.
Furthermore, the speaker use aluminum housing, it’s faster to dissipate heat, looks more luxurious and noble.
The speaker can be recharged with USB/Audio cable.

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Product SpecificationsProduct reviews
Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 20KHz
Separation ≥ 40dB ±3dB
S/N ratio ≥ 80dB
Output power (RMS) 2.5W
Battery Type 4.2V (+0.05V)
Weight 65g
Dimensions 45 x 45 x 56