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FARASSOO takes great pride in our products and we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Thank you for purchasing a Farassoo product, we are pleased to present this product’s warranty and after sales service under an electronic warranty card, valid in any of our authorized after sales service centers.



In case you have any question please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone or mail
E-mail: support[@]
Tel: +98 21 88776369















Service Locator (Iran)

Service locator helps you to find the contact information for authorized FARASSOO agents near you.

Tehran Central Office
No. 17., Navak St, Africa Blvd., Tehran
Tel: +98 21 8877 6369
Tehransar Office
No. 2, Next to Police Satation No. 150, Golha Blvd. Tehransar, Tehran
Te: +98 21 44530034-6

Tehran Bazar Mobile
Lavan Chain Store
2nd floor, Bazar Mobile, Next to Bazar Boors, Hafez St.,
Tel: +98 21 66347133

Afsarieh Office
Between 15 Metri 3rd & 4th St., 20 Metri Afsarieh St., Tehran
Te: +98 21 33154750
Isfahan Office
Amin Bldg. Between Golzar St. & Malek St., Hasht Behesht St., Isfahan
Te: +98 311 2736101

Isfahan Office - Hekmat Rayaneh
No. 122, Ground Floor, Taleghani Passage, Taleghani St.,
Tel: +98 311 2356569

Ahvaz Office - Nik Negar
No. 33, 1st Floor, Ahvaz Passage, Taleghani St., Ahvaz
Te: +98 611 2212594